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Did You Know?

Irwin Industries’ Short Tenured Employee Program (STEP) provides new employees with the information and tools they need to work safely and effectively from day one.  It pairs new hires with more experienced employees who help them better understand Irwin Industries’ safety culture and the site-specific safety rules and expectations.

The program provides new employees with a point of contact for continuous mentorship and guidance. In general, a work crew will typically be assigned no more than one employee with fewer than six months of service with the company.

Did You Know?

The cornerstone of Irwin Industries’ hazard recognition, evaluation and control program is the JSA, or “Job Safety Analysis.” Given that the work performed by Irwin Industries’ employees is non-standard, and job sites vary greatly, employees complete a JSA at the start of each work shift.

The JSA can be completed for a specific work crew or individually as the need requires. Irwin Industries’ JSAs profile a specific work activity, break it down by task and hazards relative to each task. For each hazard, a control or mitigation action is defined including the need for additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

All employees confirm understanding and the supervisor/foreman reviews the JSA for completeness and accuracy before signing off. New tasks are added to JSAs as the day progresses and employees are instructed to revisit the JSA (whether new tasks are added or not) after lunch.

Did You Know?

Timely recognition of positive employee conduct, particularly in the realm of safety, is a vital component of Irwin Industries’ safety culture.

Employees are encouraged at all times by their supervisors to provide improvement feedback to their work groups.  For safety related items, Irwin Industries’ Good Catch Program provides a mechanism for employees to identify a deficiency, intervene to correct the issue, and obtain immediate positive recognition for their actions.  They are also considered for a larger award on a quarterly basis.

Irwin Industries’ Good Catch safety recognition program is designed to recognize and reward employees for:

  1. Intervention in an unsafe act or condition:
    1. Properly using the STOP work authority
    2. Identifying an unsafe condition and proactively eliminating or controlling the hazard
    3. Stopping an activity an employee is not comfortable with because it “doesn’t look right” or they are not properly trained for the task.
  2. A safe act, above and beyond the call of duty:
    1. Successfully managing an emergency response effort
    2. Noticing that a coworker has the wrong Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the job and taking it upon himself/herself to retrieve the correct PPE and explain the difference in protection and limitations
    3. Personally pursuing non-required EH&S training in order to further comprehend program requirements.
  3. A specific Environmental, Health & Safety Program improvement:
    1. Identifying an EH&S gap and actively helping to develop a new process for improvement
    2. Proposing an idea for process improvement and aiding EH&S in its full implementation
    3. Suggesting an industry best practice for Irwin Industries’ EH&S program and being proactive in the development and implementation process.

Did You Know?

Irwin Industries’ “Four Aces” program is a structured, educational, behavioral-based and action-focused program. The program is designed to create a positive and proactive safety culture reliant on interactive employee involvement in support of Irwin Industries’ company values. The “Four Aces,” which form the basis of the program, are:

Based on the idea that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it, the “Attitude” Ace represents the idea that a positive and proactive attitude toward safety is essential to accomplishing our goals while working and performing safely.

Because all incidents have root causes and / or contributing factors, the “Awareness” Ace encourages awareness of the activities and environment around us at all times and not settling into complacency.


Because our actions demonstrate who we are, what we believe in and what we value, the “Action” Ace focuses on how we are perceived by those around us and how we directly and indirectly influence others to work safely.

The “Accountability” Ace reinforces the acceptance of personal responsibility and ownership of a commitment to perform every job safely, all of the time and amidst conflicting pressures.

Did You Know?

As part of Irwin Industries’ commitment to the ongoing safety of the company’s employees, their families, and the public at large, the company publishes Safety Daily. Safety Daily is published every morning via email and Twitter for the employees of Irwin Industries and other subscribers.

The mission of Safety Daily is to promote safety as your first thought every morning.

You can subscribe to either the email or Twitter feed by visiting: www.irwinindustries.com/safetydaily.

Did You Know?

Irwin Industries is committed to operating at a level of safety and environmental excellence whereby no employee suffers any injury in the performance of his or her job, and the environment is not negatively impacted by our activities or operations. This commitment is reinforced daily by executive management, project supervision and all field personnel through the ongoing implementation of our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Program.

Our EH&S Department consists of a full-time staff of trained and certified specialists who are specially selected for their assigned project sites. EH&S Site Specialists become active members of the project / facility team, interfacing directly with site management and field employees on a daily basis to identify and eliminate workplace hazards. Their EH&S “toolbox” includes: jobsite inspections and evaluations; mature and well-defined systems and program modules; behavioral assessments; employee interaction; and, when necessary, rigorous incident investigations. All EH&S Site Specialists are OSHA 500 certified

Did You Know?

 When your unit comes down for maintenance or retrofit, Irwin crews will help get you back in business on schedule and on budget. Irwin Industries provides safe, reliable and economical service.

Irwin Industries’ certified welders consistently perform at an exceptionally high level with carbon steel, stainless, chrome, inconel, monel and other specialty alloys. The company’s welding program includes a wide variety of qualified welding procedures, and we hold a current National Board “R” and ASME “S” and “U” certificates.

From unit installation and modification to final QC documentation, Irwin Industries’ breadth of service offerings, financial security and values-based approach combine to form a uniquely capable organization. Outage related services include:

  • Piping installation and modification
  • Furnace maintenance and retrofit
  • Boiler repair
  • Tube welding and repair
  • Tower/vessel installation, repair or alteration
  • Safety services
  • Structural installation and modification

Did You Know?

Irwin Industries is committed to building and maintaining a sustainable safety culture. At Irwin Industries, safety is never compromised, and this commitment begins with leadership by example. Irwin’s management sets clear expectations for safe work behavior and provides personal engagement, coaching and mentoring throughout the organization. The company drives safety performance using a number of sound and time-tested practices:

  • Strategic On-Boarding
    • Pre-employment screening
    • An employee signed personal commitment to safety
    • Irwin Basic Safety Training class (based on OSHA 10-Hour)
    • A “Welcome to Irwin” address by company management
    • Empowerment of all employees with stop-work authority
    • Structured short-tenured employee program
  • Effective Tools, Programs and Processes
    • Corporate environmental, health and safety program, including a comprehensive manual with policies, procedures and educational reference materials
    • Behavior-based “Four Aces” safety program, promoting: Attitude, Awareness, Action and Accountability
    • Safety education focusing not only on the workplace, but also the employee’s family and personal wellbeing.
    • Field employee and jobsite observations and assessments by management, jobsite supervision and work teams (including self assessments)
    • A safety training program which goes beyond compliance, including skills assessment and hazard recognition training at the Irwin Practical Training Center
    • “Good Catch” hazard recognition program for personal ownership and accountability in the company’s safety program
  • Organizational Engagement
    • Leadership presence in the field
    • Safety observation assessments at all levels within the organization
    • Open dialogue and the sharing of lessons learned
    • Celebrating success, and
    • Keeping safety personal

Did You Know?

Irwin Industries’ offers comprehensive Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manuals document procedures and policies for both ASME and non-ASME work. Every major project is tracked, measured and documented with an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).

  • In-house welder / craft training / qualification
  • Multi-discipline QA / QC manual
  • Qualified welding procedures / certified personnel
  • Licensed structural shop fabrication
  • Weld acceptance > 98%
    Experience with a wide variety of materials:
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome alloys
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Aluminum